Denise Seals - Week 3

Denise Seals - Week 3 - new policy immediately and proceed...

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Denise Seals Functional Policies Within the case study of “Sunflower Incorporated” the most noticeable policies was the lack of policies within the financial group, when it came to standardization of pricing and purchasing across the regions. Due to the lack of policy, the profit within the regions varied tremendously resulting in upper management decision to standardize the pricing and purchasing of the products. To help with this policy Agnes Albanese was hired as Director of pricing and purchasing. She was to analyze the pricing and purchases of the products sold by Sunflower INC, and develop and effective policy to monitor the profit gaps within the company. “Albanese believed that the only way to standardize operations was for each region to notify the home office in advance of any change in prices or purchases.” (Worley, 2009) Albanese was successful in getting the policy approved by upper management and the board of directors. She wanted to implement the
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Unformatted text preview: new policy immediately and proceed to push forward in her efforts by sending out an email to the financial and purchasing executives in each region. Although everyone was in agreement of the new policy, no one reported the necessary information back to headquarters. Where did the failure occur? Although Albanese had a great policy, she failed to take in consideration the company’s history and her surrounding environment. If she would have taken in Mobley suggestions, “Mobley suggested that Albanese ought to visit the regions and discuss purchasing and pricing policies with the executives.” (Worley, 2009) He also suggested, “…waiting to implement the procedures until after the annual company meeting in three months.” (Worley, 2009) She would have been able to devise a better intervention plan for her new policy. Bibliography Worley, T. G. (2009). Organization Development and Change. Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning....
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Denise Seals - Week 3 - new policy immediately and proceed...

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