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Susan -Social Insurance Definition: Targeting specific ethnic groups with enhanced job opportunities o Pros: Diffuses tensions Limits social stratification o Cons: Under resourced groups may lash out at society Risks aggravating the tensions it is trying to relieve Relies on government sociologists to determine which groups are at risk, with potential for eroding individual free will. Simone - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DEFINITION: A policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment. The concept of affirmative action maybe divided into two groups Weak Affirmative action Strong Affirmative action Weak Affirmative Action Encourages employers to enlarge the pool of applicants to include more members of previously omitted groups. Strong Affirmative Action It’s more controversial and emotionally charged It grants preferences to groups of people in hiring and/or promotions. Advocates of strong affirmative action generally make three arguments in its defense First, they maintain that distributory justice requires proportional representation in the workforce Second, rigid societal class structures must not be permitted to set in
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PowerPoint - Team IV - Susan-Social Insurance Definition...

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