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Denise Seals- Week 7 Reading Assignment

Denise Seals- Week 7 Reading Assignment - Denise Seals...

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Denise Seals Leadership and Ethics MBAC5113OL Dr. Howard November 30, 2008 Week 7– Reading Assignment 1. Describe principle-centered leadership and give an example of either an historical leader or modern day world known leader who exemplifies this. Principle-centered leadership involves four fundamental levels personal, interpersonal, managerial and organizational. Personal is the center of this leadership. Personal is the trustworthiness of a person. To be a good leader the followers must feel that the leader is a trustworthily person. The outer layer of the center is interpersonal layer. This is the trust layer. This layer makes the person operate on good faith not fear. This layer is trying to build a relationship out of good will as well as negotiating on good faith. The layer outside of that is the managerial layer. This layer is trying to manage the followers to be in sync with the directions of the leader, making a win-win situation for everyone. The last layer is the organizational layer. This layer is the most creative and productive layer.
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