Denise Seals- Week 2 Reading Assignment

Denise Seals- Week 2 Reading Assignment - Denise Seals...

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Denise Seals Leadership and Ethics MBAC5113OL Dr. Howard October 26, 2008 Week 2 – Reading Assignment 1. Examine the five bases of power and select the one with which you most identify and describe why you chose this characteristic in place of the other four. The five bases of power are expert power, referent power, reward power, coercive power and legitimate power. The base of power that I identify most with is referent power. I feel the best way to learn a job, especially if you lack the expert power, is to develop a relationship with the followers. In most cases the followers have been doing the same job for the past 10 to 20 years. These are the actually people that work in the field or repair the equipment that runs that particular job. Their knowledge and history of the job could prove to be very valuable to your job functions. I also identify with referent power because this is the position I am currently in with my career. I have only been an Environmental Manager for 5 years, and the people that work for me have been in their position for over 15 years. I relay heavily on them to explain to me what I do not understand in the field. I am able to take their knowledge and improve on ideas to make the wastewater treatments run smoother in the future. I did not choose expert power because I can not relate to having the expertise in my current field. I lack the time needed to become an expert railroad person. The railroad industry is definitely an industry that is learned by hands on
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Denise Seals- Week 2 Reading Assignment - Denise Seals...

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