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Memo from Joe - new training How would the training be done...

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MEMO TO: Christine Lancaster, Training Supervisor Manager FROM: Joe Gilmore, Training Department JG DATE: October 19, 2008 SUBJECT: Idea for Next Training Series Suggested Training Series At our last meeting, you suggested the company start a training series on emotional intelligence—the ability to recognize and understand emotions in one’s self as well as in others. An idea you brought to my attention to help us reach our company’s goals. There are many questions that arise with this topic. Questions of Training Content I like that you have our company’s goals in mind but, I had a few questions regarding this
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Unformatted text preview: new training. How would the training be done and what would the training consist of? How long would it take to train our staff on emotional intelligence? And what are the odds of the training being effective? Is there somebody you had in mind to train our staff? I read the attachment of Jills paper and I found it very interesting but, I still had a few questions before we can agree to start the training. If we could meet before our next supervisors meeting to further discuss this issue that would be great....
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