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Date: October 5, 2008 To: John Brown, Manager From:  Brenda Nichols, Team Leader BN Subject: Quarter Goals This memo presents the results of our company’s quarterly goals. Based on  my findings our company is suffering due to Coastal Bargains opening up  down the street from us, I propose that the company consider starting a  customer rewards program. What are the benefits of having a rewards program? Having a customer rewards program in which every customer pays a small  yearly fee to become members, but in exchange for having become a member  they will be given cash back incentives and customer discounts.  An advantage of starting a cash incentive program for customers such as the  membership rewards program more people would want to join with us and 
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Unformatted text preview: shop at our business, and existing members would recommend our store to friends and family members which help increase our sales. Another important advantage of the rewards program is with the yearly fee we charge we would be able offer more items at a cheaper cost, which would result in more sales and more customers. How will the rewards program work? Every member will pay an annual fee of $40, but in return at the end of the year they will get a check back for 2% of the annual spending with us. Who ever is a member will receive a 20% in store discount when visiting our business. Ultimately these strategies will result in higher revenue and increase our quarter goals....
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