Brutality Against Illegal Immigrants Is Exaggerated

Brutality Against Illegal Immigrants Is Exaggerated -...

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Brutality Against Illegal Immigrants Is Exaggerated Table of Contents: Further Readings Excerpted from "Riverside Drive West," The American Spectator , June 1996. Copyright The American Spectator. Reprinted by permission. John Corry is a senior correspondent for the American Spectator, a conservative monthly magazine. It was Rodney King all over again, with a reminder of O.J. Simpson. An 80-mile chase on California freeways in April 1996 ended when a truck carrying twenty-one illegal Mexican immigrants finally stopped. Videotape shot by a helicopter news crew caught two sheriff's deputies clubbing the driver of the truck and a passenger with nightsticks. The videotape was shown over and over on CNN, and it made all the evening news programs. Cries of outrage immediately followed. The Mexican government charged racism, while the White House expressed concern, and civil rights and immigration groups held demonstrations. Hypocrisy lay thick on the ground, along with intrusions into domestic politics. Republican rhetoric, apparently, had led to the beating of the Mexican driver and his passenger. Actually, they were lucky they only got clubbed. The Provocations Consider the provocations. The truck evaded a Border Patrol checkpoint. Various police units then pursued it, reportedly at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. Passengers in the truck threw beer cans at the pursuers. When the camper frame on the truck became loosened, they threw chunks of that. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck sideswiped cars, presumably as a diversionary tactic. When the truck stopped, the occupants bolted, except for the driver and two passengers. Two sheriff's deputies from Riverside County then approached, while the news crew hovered overhead. An international incident was born with the resulting fifteen seconds of videotape. It showed that the Mexicans offered no resistance when the deputies hit them. The driver of the truck, Enrique Nunez Flores, suffered a hairline fracture of an elbow. His companion and perhaps common-law wife, Alicia Soltero Vasquez (or Leticia Gonzalez, depending on which paper you read, and when you read it), required no immediate medical attention, although apparently she suffered bruises. It was unclear what happened to the other passenger—he wasn't on the videotape—although his lawyer said later that he also had been beaten. Grant now that the deputies acted improperly. As the Los Angeles Times and virtually every other California news organization reported, they had violated Riverside Sheriff's Department guidelines. The Times noted that on the videotape, "neither deputy can be seen discharging pepper spray, and neither appears to display his baton as a warning to the suspects before striking them." The Times also reported that one of the deputies "once was associated" with a group of
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deputies "who adopted a swaggering attitude to make it clear they would not tolerate lawbreakers." A few days later, the Times disclosed that the deputies had yelled first at the
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Brutality Against Illegal Immigrants Is Exaggerated -...

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