Anthony's dilema - woman managers; when you wrote "So...

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When communicating online the way the text is written is very important, if it is written improperly then some may take offense to your writing. It is important to use inclusive language when communicating because you do not want to loose the participation of your total audience nor loose the sum of there ideas just by using offensive or divisive language. When writing to classmates you never refer to them as "Hi guys" the entire class does not consist of all men, instead you could have wrote hello everyone. Instead of having wrote business lady you should have wrote business person, saying "you were surprised because she had a lot of things to say" is very rude and sexist, it sounds like you are saying the reason you were surprised is because she is a woman; instead you could have wrote even though I thought the presentation was not going to be interesting and insightful I was wrong, it was very interesting. Not every manager is a man there are
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Unformatted text preview: woman managers; when you wrote "So I used some of her tips later that month at the company picnic that all the managers and their wives attended." you could have wrote "So I used some of the tips I learned later that month at the company picnic". Also when you referred to the "good old boys" not all managers are "good old boys" and when using a statement like this one many people may get offended, there is not a nice way to put this do not use statements like this one. A great way to prevent these types of mistakes is when referring to people and there job titles it is not necessary to include what sex they are. Ask yourself is it necessary? Will your sentence make sense if you do not include it? Another tip I would give to prevent these mistake is using the center for writing excellence. Another tip is have someone else read your paper for you....
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