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2 Lehigh University January 22, 2010 Physics 21, Spring 2010 Home Work Assignment 4 Note: Solutions to the problems must be submitted on WileyPLUS (www.wileyplus.com). HW-4 due January 28, 2010 (11 PM online) 4-1 ( HRW 23-6) In Fig. 23-28, a butterfly net is in a uniform electric field of magnitude . The rim, a circle of radius , is aligned perpendicular to the field. The net contains no net charge. Find the electric flux through the netting. 4-2 ( HRW 23-13) A particle of charge is placed at one corner of a Gaussian cube. What multiple of gives the flux through (a) each cube face forming that corner and (b) each of the other cube faces? 4-3 (HRW 23-24) An electron is released from rest at a perpendicular distance of from a line of charge on a very long nonconducting rod. Assume that the charge is uniformly distributed, with
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Unformatted text preview: per meter. What is the magnitude of the electron's initial acceleration? 4-4 (HRW 23-30) A charge of uniform linear density is distributed along a long, thin, nonconducting rod. The rod is coaxial with a long conducting cylindrical shell (inner radius , outer radius ). The net charge on the shell is zero. (a) What is the magnitude of the electric field from the axis of the shell? What is the surface charge density on the (b) inner and (c) outer surface of the shell? 4-5 (HRW 23-58) Charge of uniform volume density fills a nonconducting solid sphere of radius . What is the magnitude of the electric field (a) and (b) from the sphere's center? Figure 23-28...
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