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1 Department of Physics, Lehigh University Physics 21 – Introductory Physics II Spring 2009 Hour Exam I February 10, 2009 Closed Notes 9:20 AM-10:10 AM Student’s Name______________________ Recitation Section Number______________ Recitation Leader’s Name_______________ The test is a multiple-choice examination. First, check to be sure that you have a six- page examination, including the equation sheet. Please answer each question by circling one answer from the panel of choices available within each question space. (20 points) Consider the dipole shown on the coordinate system to the right. A charge of +e is at x = −d/2 and charge −e is at x = +d/2 Please answer the following five (5) questions relating to the dipole setup. A. What is the force vector (magnitude and direction) acting on the charge +e ? B. What is the Electric Field vector (magnitude and direction) at the origin? For questions C, D and E let us apply a uniform external electric field: E = − E ( i + j ) on the dipole. C. What is the torque experienced by the dipole about its center? D. What is the potential energy of the dipole at the instant the external field is applied? E. What is the electric field vector (magnitude and direction) at a point that is a distance from the origin of the coordinates large compared with d ? k τ edE k τ edE edE U edE U
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2 2. (20 points) A 20-cm square slab of thickness 0.1 mm has a uniform volume charge distribution with space charge density ( ) of 0.001 C/m 3 . A. What is the value of the electric field at the surface of the slab 10 cm from each side?
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HE-ISolutions-02-05-09 - Department of Physics, Lehigh...

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