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Flapper Questions

Flapper Questions - Book Questions for Flapper 1 In what...

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Book Questions for Flapper 1. In what ways did Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald fulfill the roles of flapper King & Queen? Scott & Zelda were said to be dynamic. They were the most celebrated couple of the jazz age. They drank lavishly, attended rooftop parties. They were said to be “so beautiful, so blond, so clean, and so clear.” They were the heart of the public eye and everyone wanted to meet them. 2. What social, economic, and cultural changes facilitated the rise of the flapper? There were four or five major things that facilitated to the rise of the flapper. First was the development of the car. The automobile introduced dating in a new light. Now teens could venture outside of the home unchaperoned. Another change was women developing the right to vote. Also the women felt the need to oppose prohibition laws. They strayed away from their mothers’ previous Victorian ways. Also advertisers began using sex to sell products.
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