T1-MC-All - T1 MC-ALLMultiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of...

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Unformatted text preview: T1- MC-ALLMultiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.____ 1. A(n) ____ language describes the structure and content of data. a. device-independent c. device-driven b. markup d. indexed ____ 2. XML has its roots in ____. a. HTML c. XHTML b. SGML d. Perl ____ 3. ____ is a language introduced in 1980 that describes the content and structure of any machine-readable information. a. XML c. XHTML b. HTML d. SGML ____ 4. SGML is used often in creating SGML ____. a. applications c. markups b. indices d. elements ____ 5. One SGML application used to create Web pages is ____. a. Unix c. Java b. Perl d. HTML ____ 6. ____ can be thought of as “SGML light.” a. HTML c. XML b. Perl d. SQL ____ 7. The standards for XML are developed and maintained by ____. a. NASA c. the W3C b. the NSF d. DARPA ____ 8. XML has to be compatible with the major Web protocols, including ____. a. Java c. HTTP b. ASP d. STP ____ 9. XML must support a wide variety of ____. a. indices c. optional features b. extensions d. applications ____ 10. XML must be effective for which of the following? a. financial transactions c. word processing b. voice mail d. All of the above ____ 11. What is the optimal number of optional features in XML? a. 0 c. 2 b. 1 d. There is no set number. ____ 12. XML documents should be ____ files. a. text c. tab-delimited b. binary d. comma-separated ____ 13. XML can be used to create XML ____....
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T1-MC-All - T1 MC-ALLMultiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of...

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