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Unformatted text preview: T4-MC-AllMultiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.____ 1. DTDs employ a syntax called ____, which is different from the syntax used for XML. a. SQL c. PHP b. EBNF d. Perl ____ 2. The idea of using XML to create a markup language that can validate other XML documents is the idea behind ____. a. DTDs c. namespaces b. schemas d. All of the above ____ 3. ____ is the most widely adopted schema standard. a. DDML c. TREX b. RELAX d. XML Schema ____ 4. A file written in XML Schema typically ends with the ____ file extension. a. .xsd c. .xsl b. .xst d. .xs ____ 5. By convention, the namespace prefix ____ is assigned to the XML Schema namespace in order to identify elements and attributes that belong to the XML Schema vocabulary. a. xsl c. xsm b. xst d. xsd ____ 6. XML Schema supports ____ types of content. a. two c. four b. three d. six ____ 7. Examples of a(n) ____ type of content are the value of an attribute or the textual content of an element. a. aggregated c. simple b. integrated d. complex ____ 8. Examples of a(n) ____ type of content are empty elements that contain attributes or elements that contain child elements. a. simple c. complex b. aggregated d. integrated ____ 9. Perhaps the most commonly used data type in XML Schema is ____. a. sequence c. empty b. choice d. string ____ 10. The ____ data type allows an element to contain any text string. a. pcdata c. alpha b. text d. string ____ 11. An attribute is an example of a(n) ____ type. a. simple c. integrated b. complex d. aggregated ____ 12. If am element contains attributes, you have to extend the simple content model to include attributes through the use of the <____> tag. ...
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