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CS%20178-Midterm1-3-27-10 - tasks listed below The second...

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CS 178 - XML Midterm 1 is on Saturday, 3/27/10, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm in Room HH113. All online students are required to attend the exam in person. The midterm consists of two parts. The first part (100 points) is 25 questions of ‘Multi choice’ type, covering T1 thru T4. This part is closed book. (online). The question bank is posted on WebCT The second part (100 points) is a software task. You are required to solve one of the following four software tasks by random choice. Prepare for all the four
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Unformatted text preview: tasks listed below . The second part is open book , you may work at home and bring the files on a Flash Drive and use it in the exam. T1: Case1- Jackson Electronics - p39 T2: Case2- MathWeb - p 80 T3: Case 3 – Jackson Electronics – p 139 T4: Case 1 - The Jazz Warehouse – p 211 Points will be deducted if you discuss with other students or instructor in the exam room. Thank you...
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