stafftxt - <?xml version="1.0">< Personnel...

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Unformatted text preview: <?xml version="1.0" > <!-- Personnel Records for QTemps --> <!-- Author: Date: -->- <Staff> <Notes> <![CData[ There are over 85 employees at Biotech. This document contains data on each employee's status, department affiliation, years employed, social security number, health plane, and salary. </Notes> ]]> <Employee> <Name>Janice Richardson</Name> <Status>Fulltime</Status> <Department>Sales</Department> <Years>5</Years> <SS>370-16-3631</SS> <Health>Standard Single</Health> <Salary>$42,500</Salary> </Employee> <Employee> <Name>Alan Wu</Name> <Status>Fulltime</Status> <Department>Research</Department> <Years>2</Years> <SS>385-22-3311</SS> <Health>Standard Married</Health> <Salary>$52,800</Salary> </Employee> <Employee> <Name>Walter Bright</Name> <Status>Part-time</Status> <Department>Sales</Department> <Years>1</Years> <SS>310-46-8933</SS> <Health>None</Health> <Salary>$22,500</Salary> </Employee> <Employee> <Name>Cindy Jacques</Name> <Status>Fulltime</Status> <Department>Management</Department>...
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2010 for the course CS 178 taught by Professor Mandyam during the Spring '10 term at Ohlone.

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stafftxt - <?xml version="1.0">< Personnel...

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