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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <!-- New Perspectives on XML Tutorial 2 Case Problem 1 EPAC-MO List of Contributors Filename: contrib.xml Supporting Files: --> <contributions> <contributor id="c001" agent="a01"> <first>David</first> <last>Lee</last> <address> <street>212 West Advent St.</street> <city>Cutler</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>32815</zip> <phone>555-7812</phone> </address> <amount>$150</amount> </contributor> <contributor id="c002" agent="a01"> <first>Karen</first> <last>Belaska</last> <address> <street>500 Maple Ln.</street> <city>Cutler</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>32817</zip> <phone>555-3219</phone> </address> <amount>$50</amount> </contributor> <contributor id="c003" agent="a02"> <first>Alice</first> <last>Sanchez</last> <address> <street>5 North St.</street> <city>Davidton</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>39810</zip> <phone>555-0190</phone> </address>
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Unformatted text preview: <amount>$225</amount> </contributor> <contributor id="c004" agent="a01"> <first>Allen</first> <last>Chmurutra</last> <address> <street>400 Main St.</street> <city>Davidton</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>39112</zip> <phone>555-4388</phone> </address> <amount>$125</amount> </contributor> <contributor id="c005" agent="a02"> <first>Cynthia</first> <last>Whyte</last> <address> <street>657 Hemisphere Dr.</street> <city>Cutler</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>31287</zip> <phone>555-0923</phone> </address> <amount>$50</amount> </contributor> <contributor id="c006" agent="a02"> <first>Alison</first> <last>Heart</last> <address> <street>622 Hemisphere Dr.</street> <city>Cutler</city> <state>MO</state> <zip>31287</zip> <phone>555-0923</phone> </address> <amount>$100</amount> </contributor> </contributions>...
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