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Unformatted text preview: Secure Mobile Lab Footprinting About CountryWhois tool CountryWhois is a utility for identifying the geographic location of an IP address. CountryWhois can be used to analyze server logs, check e-mail address headers, identify online credit card fraud, or in any other instance where you need to quickly and accurately determine the country of origin by IP address. What makes CountryWhois different from similar tools is its very high accuracy (over 98%), unprecedented speed of processing (a 100 MB log file is processed within one second), regular updates that keep the ever-changing IP address database up-to-date, an array of supported import and export formats, command-line mode, and a convenient interface. CountryWhois was built on the renowned SmartWhois® technology developed by TamoSoft since 1997. While CountryWhois is similar to SmartWhois in some respects, it is focused exclusively on IP-to-country identification and doesn't need to contact external Whois servers. CountryWhois will also be available to software developers as a stand-alone database and SDK in the near future. System Requirements * Pentium II or higher * Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, including 64-bit editions * 32 MB RAM * 5 MB of free disk space Installing CountryWhois * Double-click SETUP.EXE to execute it. * Setup will guide you through the rest of the installation process. Uninstalling CountryWhois * Choose Uninstall from the CountryWhois program group. OR: * Open the Windows Control Panel. * Double-click the "Add/Remove programs" icon. * Search the list for "CountryWhois" and double-click on it. ==== Caller IP: Similar to Caller ID on your telephone, CallerIP identifies who is connecting to your system so you can protect your system and confidential information from intruders. CallerIP tells you the: • • • IP address, or 'phone number', of someone connecting to your system city and country location of the IP address domain registation, including contact information, of the 'owner' of the IP address • network provider being used by the IP address, including contact and abuse reporting information. Installation: Double-click on the self-installing cip.exe file. After installation, run 'CallerIP' from "Start / Programs / CallerIP", or run CallerIP.exe directly from the installation folder. To uninstall, select 'CallerIP' from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, or run uninstall.exe from the installation folder. Windows Program Requirements: 1. Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server 2. Sun's Java 1.1.4 or later, or Microsoft's Java VM build 5.00.3167 or later - detailed instructions 3. 800x600 256-color (or better) display 4. Microsoft's TCP/IP stack 5. An Internet connection Geowhere GeoWhere is a multifeatured freeware that queries multiple search engines at once. You can find sites and information of any kind from your desktop in an easy and fast manner... You can search for working MP3 songs, read the latest news about the world,people or technologies... If you are not familiar with world units, a converter will help you to convert hundred of Mass, Length, computer units and also hundred of currencies accurately... There are also other interesting features like a system to search discussion forums and an assistant that will propose you search terms sorted in a "web portal" like window (+3400 search terms available)...Finally, it supports 8 foreign languages and all your searches are saved to disk for later usage... This is an absolutely free software!!! Geo Spider: It helps you trace and monitor your network activity on world map. With GEO Spider you can trace any website or IP address on your map. GEO Spider was built on NET technology giving a fast and reliable approach to detecting hostnames, IP addresses, domain names. While many IP lookup tools only provide network provider locations, GEO Spider uses unique IP location engine to provide a much higher level of accuracy by identifying the actual physical city and country location of servers and routers. GEO Spider can analyze and trace all network applications on the fly, including HTTP/HTTPS, FTP and SMTP. With GEO Spider you can Check the domain names e Detect fraudulent sites e Detect network problems e Lookup WhoIs information about the site and IP address Here are some key features of "GEO Spider": • GEO Spider Spy Engine • Make screenshot feature list • Lookup IP on map • Lookup website on map • Adjustable Map • Map on your Desktop • Customizable Zoom • Skinnable interface • User friendly interface Requirements: • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Active whois ActiveWhois is an easy-to-use network tool you can use to find any information about the owners of IP address or Internet domain. You can determine the country, personal and postal addresses of the owner, and/or user of IP address and domains. This cutting-edge technology allows ActiveWhois users to explore DNS aliases as well as simultaneously display both the domain and IP address information. Unlike other WHOIS clients, Active Whois does not require special skills to determine the desired information. Its unique WHOIS-hyperlink feature allows you to explore domain databases easily as browsing the web. ActiveWhois enables you to investigate any web site, even international top level domains (eg. .IT, .DE, .TM, etc.) and find its ownership details, such as where the site is hosted, all with just a single click! ActiveWhois will find information from approximately 80 different WHOIS servers worldwide. It will even determine the correct server to query from replies it receives from other WHOIS servers. We are continuously expanding the range of whois search. Because Active Whois provides direct links to the domain registrars for each country, you can check status for and register domains easily. This feature save your time and is a great convenience, especially if you're seeking to acquire domain in .MD .TV .CC or others ccTLD ActiveWhois is also able to be used in offline mode. All of your completed WHOIS requests will be saved to disk and can be instantly retrieved without the need for a live internet connection. If your network is behind a firewall, ActiveWhois is able to provide support for SOCKS5 proxy servers. ActiveWhois provides you with a useful tool for the investigation of hacker attacks, sources of spam (unsolicited commercial email), suspicious websites or even nicknames used for IRC/Instant Messenger/chat. LanSpy LanSpy - network security & port scanner LanSpy is a set of network utilities brought together in a single program with simple and easy-to-use interface. LanSpy help network administrators maintain and manage their networks. LanSpy includes fast port scanner for gathering information about open ports on remote computer, LanSpy displays services using these ports. Look at your computer with bad guys eyes! LanSpy is made for gathering the following information about a remote computer: • • • • Ping Domain name NetBios names MAC address • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Server information Domain (workgroup) information Domain controllers Remote control Time Disks Transports Users Logged users Global groups Local groups Security options Shared resources Sessions Open files Services Processes Registry Event log TCP port scanner UDP port scanner What for? • • • • Audit your network for security reason issues View processes on remote computers Show list of installed application on workstations Detect shares, open ports and user accounts LanSpy complies only with Windows 2000/XP/2003. ...
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