climateass2 - 2 points 1(a The ocean temperatures cooled...

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2 points 1. (a) The ocean temperatures cooled when the Aleutian Low deepened because it gave way to a stronger upwelling. The wind currents blowing southward causing the warm sea surface to move away from land and in turn the cold water from under came up to the top and this cooled the ocean. (b) It is mainly the ocean that is controlling the Northern Pacific atmosphere, the reason being is because the ocean contains basically everything like (water, heat and gases). An example of this is carbon. 1 point 2. Land does heat up quite faster than water, the reason being is that the heat’s radiation waves penetrate through the water where it is darker not at the top of the surface where is it clear (that’s where it can be deflected) and high pressure systems are then over the oceans (water). On the land it is easier to absorb because it is a smaller surface and thicker and ideally darker and this is where low pressure systems mainly are (on land). The international convergence zone, situated on the equator is obviously where both the cold northern hemisphere and the warmer southern hemisphere winds meet, which are then both blown inland with some mixed moist air from the oceans which would then all together cause monsoons from southeasterly to north. 2 points 3. It is formed usually during the night due to the cooling of the glaciers after being hit by the suns radiation all day long. It is known as the katabatic effect which in fact is where
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climateass2 - 2 points 1(a The ocean temperatures cooled...

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