climateass3 - 1.a) Both chemical weathering and erosion...

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1.a) Both chemical weathering and erosion would both have an impact on the rocks found on our earth, they each have their own ways of functioning. Erosion is a little more simple, think of as two surfaces rubbing on each other, eventually they will both dull out and get smoother, examples of this can include water, ice and pressure from one rock or plate to another, this can also be done through thermal expansion. Another example of physical erosion is through pressure release. Chemical weathering has the same final effect just that it does this through atmospheric chemicals, and this would then use these chemicals to further break down the different types of minerals found in the rock. An aspect of chemical weathering can be acid rain, because it is the composition of acid rain that can break down the rock, this is known as dissolution, there is also hydrolysis and oxidation. b)One reason why the moon still does have valleys and hills can be because the atmosphere is a little bit different than on earth so there might not be as much chemical weathering. The atmosphere of the moon also cannot stop some physical/erosion weathering, it cannot stop some of the asteroids entering and crashing onto its surface creating these valleys. 2.One very simple way that the mountains can affect the climate is that they push up the winds coming from the oceans. They can also deflect clouds higher then bring them back down on the opposite side causing it to precipitate a lot. What the mountains can also do is keep it dry on one side and then wet on the other with plenty of rainfall. It is usually the
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climateass3 - 1.a) Both chemical weathering and erosion...

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