climateass4 - 1.a) There was a change in the ocean...

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1.a) There was a change in the ocean circulation and a decreasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. We all know that when the ocean currents change so do the air currents, and it is said that the wind driven Antarctica circumpolar current has caused both a greater exchange of seawater globally and also more upwelling. However this also caused less heat transfer towards the Antarctic region and in the end it triggered the build up of the Antarctic ice sheet. b)One most definite effect is through the concentration of Co2 in the atmosphere. There were constant changes in the amount of CO2 but overall it has been decreasing, in the reading they called this effect carbon cycling. Then other factor that the reading talks about is the amount of neodymium that was found. This is found in the teeth of fish and is like a tag on the fish to know where they first originated, and it was found that they came from the Atlantic and into the pacific, this was because of the opening of the Drake passage. 2.a)We can say that the Antarctic ice sheet started to build about 50 million years ago. b)This was during the Eocene period and was first triggered from ice rafting and it really picked up at around 34 million years ago during the Eocene-Oligocene period. Also another factor may be the decreasing amounts of CO2 levels, but during this time they were still at about double amount of today. c) One theory that I have of which I learnt in the course so far can be part of the Milankovich
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climateass4 - 1.a) There was a change in the ocean...

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