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1.The first mechanism is the anti-CLAW hypothesis. The way that it has an effect on the sea ice is that this system has much less cloud cover so the earth’s albedo declines and therefore much more of the sun’s rays come through thus increasing the temperature of the oceans and melting more of the sea ice. Also what this does is decrease phytoplankton growth which then decreases DMS(dimethyl sulphide) production and later there is a lower DMS concentration in the atmosphere as well as SO2 concentrations which would make less clouds to reflect the sun. The other positive mechanism is the El Nino. An El Nino occurs when there are weak winds moving from east to west, this is not usually supposed to happen. Usually the winds are supposed to be strong to move the water from the Atlantic to the Pacific thus making the Pacific a lot warmer than the Atlantic. When these winds get weak it is known as the El Nino, with these weaker winds the water does not get to move the way it is supposed to so the warmer water n the pacific slumps back down in the Atlantic and there is not as much colder water that would pulled out from below the warmer water. So in conclusion when the winds die down the ocean gets warmer which then make the winds die down even more and then the ocean getting even more warm, which in the end would end up melting a good amount of the sea ice in the arctic.
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climateass7 - 1.The first mechanism is the anti-CLAW...

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