wk2 - Jenna Yu Soci 101 002 Aug 31 2009 Week 2 Reading...

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Jenna Yu Soci 101 002 Aug. 31, 2009 Week 2 Reading Notes Henslin, James M. "How Sociologists Do Research" o Sociologists’ gather objective reports or present information from what they see. They must use methods that others can replicate in order to check their findings. o Gathering data: Common sense gives some ideas, but it’s not always true. Common sense is a knowledge that has not been formally investigated; mixed ideas from others + our own experiences. o A research model (ideal 8 steps): 1) selecting a topic: drive by curiosity and help people understand a ongoing issue 2) defining a problem: focus on a specific area/problem 3) reviewing a literature: to see if the material has been published or check for ideas that could sharpen the questions or stir the ideas 4) formulating a hypothesis: state what one expects based on theory 5) choosing a research method: 6 ways to collect data/research designs researchers must establish a rapport, a feeling of trust, with the sampled people a) survey—a series of questions, select of a sample over a population random sampling (best)-everyone in your population has the same chance to be included in the study self-administered questionnaires-large number being sampled, low cost, control is lost interviews-face-to-face basis or by phone, has control; limited number, high cost, and interview bias (respondents answer what interviewers want to hear) closed-ended questions or structured interviews-fast, choices, coded answers for computer input; tilt position toward question
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wk2 - Jenna Yu Soci 101 002 Aug 31 2009 Week 2 Reading...

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