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Jenna Yu Soci 101 November 2, 2009 Reading Notes: wk 11 Lee, Bean, and Sloane. “Beyond Black And White: Remaking Race in America”. Mapping The Social Landscape . P 375-382. Sociologists are interested in the construction of race and ethnicity and how the U.S. government defines the measures both concepts; this article examines the consequences of measurement change in the U.S. Census due to the growing numbers of multiracial people in the U.S. In the 2000 Census, 2.4 percent of the nation entire population is multiracial; before 2000, an intermarried coupled must choose one race for their child; so for ex. A black father and a white mother must choose Black or White for their born child. o Now, however, there’s the “Other” option which allows any intermarried couple to report the child’s race. The additional optional matters because: 1) provides racial information needed to implement and enforce many important legislation; for ex. The Voting Right Act 2) Dept. of Justice might use the statistics to issue disenfranchisement to places where substantial minority populations exist 3) used to counts and study the social and economic disparities among racial groups Continuing immigration in the recent 30 years had made America no longer a black-and-white society, but beyond that; however, this
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wk11 - Jenna Yu Soci 101 November 2 2009 Reading Notes wk...

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