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wk16 - Jenna Yu Soci 101 Wk 16 Reading Notes Johnson Allen...

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Jenna Yu December 07, 2009 Soci 101 Wk 16 Reading Notes Johnson, Allen. 1997. “What Can We Do?” Mapping The Social Landscape. P. 697-708. “Privilege exists when one group has something that is systematically denied to others not because of who they are or what they have done or not done, but because of the social category they belong to… Privilege is a feature of social systems, not individuals” p698 o So what determines one group of having privilege is by the social category others put one in and by the system one is in Having privilege does not mean happiness because it involves someone having what others don’t have and one’s struggle to hang on to it with effort Privilege is rooted primarily in systems, such as families, schools, and workplaces problems of privilege and oppression: oppression promotes divisiveness; people all participate in oppression in an oppressive society yet we all deny the existence of it o So solutions? No, but Johnson gives us some suggestions
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