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PHY 157 Standing Waves on a String (Experiment 5) Name: 1 Introduction In this lab you will observe standing waves on a string. You will also investigate the re- lationship between wave speed and tension in the string and verify the theoretical formula for wave speed. The speed v of waves on a stretched string will be determined using the basic wave relationship v D , where f is the frequency of the waves and ± is their wavelength. A sketch of the experimental apparatus is shown in Figure 1. One end of a string is attached to a vibrator of fixed frequency f and the other end is passed over a pulley and attached to hanging mass M . The weight of the hanging mass produces a tension in the string which determines the speed of the waves that travel on the string. The frequency of the electric current that drives the vibrator is 60 Hz, but since the vibrator vibrates twice for each cycle of electric current, its frequency (and thus the wave frequency f ) is 120 Hz. The wavelength of a wave can be determined by setting up a setting up standing waves of known length in the string. Since you want to collect wave speed data as a function of string tension, you will have to adjust the string tension to values that will allow standing waves to occur on the string. The wavelength of the waves is then determined from length L (the vibrating length of the string) and the number of vibrating segments on this length. Once frequency and wavelength are known, the
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Phys_Standing Waves - PHY 157 Standing Waves on a String...

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