ringExperiment - Abstract In this experiment, the effects...

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Abstract In this experiment, the effects of oscillation amplitude, mass, and the diameter of a ring on the period of oscillation were investigated. In order to find the effect of oscillation amplitude, a ring was suspended on a hook and swung at three different angles, and the photogate was used to obtain the period. For the effects of mass and diameter, three rings of different masses but same diameter, and three rings of different diameter but similar masses were used, and the periods were obtained in the same manner. After five trials of each category, the average period of each category was calculated. The periods of different amplitudes did not vary much from each other as well as the period of the ring of different masses. However, the periods of rings of different diameters deviated from each other noticeably. This indicates that the oscillation amplitude and the mass of the ring do not effect the period, but the diameter of the ring does effect the period. The diameter of the ring effects the period according to the equation: ) 1 . 0 ( 5 . 0 ) 0002 . 0 ( 927 . 4 ± ± = d T . This suggests the period is proportional to the 0.5 power of the diameter. (why is this important? What kind of relationship is it?) Data and Results Trials Period (s) Small Amplitude Medium Amplitude Large Amplitude 1 1.0888 1.0936 1.0920 2 1.0889 1.0936 1.0920 3 1.0888 1.0936 1.0920 4 1.0892 1.0935 1.0920 5 1.0887 1.0935 1.0919 Average 1.0889 1.0936 1.0920 Standard Deviation 0.0002 5.47723E-05 4.47214E-05 Standard Error 8.60233E-05 2.44949E-05 2E-05 Table 1. The period of oscillation of a ring with three different amplitudes, their average, standard deviation, and standard error. All the period has an uncertainty of ±0.0003. Trials
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ringExperiment - Abstract In this experiment, the effects...

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