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Construction contracts, agency - Study Questions Contracts,...

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Study Questions – Contracts, Agency CHEE/ENGR 454/554 Legal Aspects of Engineering Spring 2007 G.Geiger 1. Define a contractor, subcontractor (SC), general contractor (GC), and prime contractor . Contractor: Someone who contracts to build things Subcontractor: an individual or business that signs a contract to perform part or all of the obligations of another’s contract General Contractor: organization or individual that contracts with another organization or individual for the construction of a building, road or other facility Prime Contractor: Chief  contractor  who has a contract  with the owner  of a project  or job , and has the  full     responsibility      for  its completion . A prime  contractor undertakes to perform a complete contract, and may employ (and manage ) one or  more subcontractors  to carry out specific parts  of the contract. Also called main contractor . 2. For purposes of a construction contract, are architects and engineers (A/E) the same? yes 3. What is a construction manager (CM). Why is he contracted for? A Construction Manager may be part of an independent firm or part of General Contractor. 4. What are the different possible arrangements between Owner, GC, A/E, CM, and SCs? Owner contracts with A/E and GC separately. GC hires subs. A/E has agency agency relation to owner. 5. What is a turn-key contract? Advantages? Disadvantages? A turn-key contract is where the GC works with an A/E and CM that he chooses and who is his agent, not that of the owner, and who chooses the subcontractors independently of the A/E and CM. The owner must be extremely careful to define the goals of the project and the specifications for performance in a design /build
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Construction contracts, agency - Study Questions Contracts,...

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