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Brainstorming notes

Brainstorming notes - Brainstorming for interface design...

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Brainstorming for interface design Brainstorming Technique Definition: Brainstorming is a group creative technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution to a problem. The method was first popularized in the late 1930s by Alex Faickney Osborn, an advertising executive and one of the founders of BBDO, in a book called Applied Imagination. Osborn proposed that groups could double their creative output by using the method of brainstorming. Brainstorming Technique STEP 1 Focus on quantity : This rule is a means of enhancing divergent production, aiming to facilitate problem solving through the maxim, quantity breeds quality. Brainstorming Technique STEP 2 No criticism : It is often emphasized that in group brainstorming, criticism should be put on hold. Instead of immediately stating what might be wrong with an idea, the participants focus on extending or adding to it, reserving criticism for a later 'critical stage' of the process.
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