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NAVIGATION in interface design Objectives •Elements of navigation •Site structure Navigation Definition: Navigation is the means by which a website or multimedia software program provides access to its content The features, functions, and information •The ease of navigation can be as important to its success as the quality of its content. Should be invisible Christopher Wren (1632-1723) British architect College campuses and formal walkways Navigation •The predominant user experience on the Web is a sense of disorientation. “…Users expect trouble on the Web and they expect to waste time looking at irrelevant pages before they find the one they want" - Nielsen 2000 Elements of navigation Rethinking navigation Signs that identify where we are Signs that tell us what is available Controls that initiate actions Common systems and elements Methods of organization –Categories Search –Site search features Navigational elements Menus •Main menus •Website navigation layout •Left or right side? •Cascading menus Navigational elements
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Tabs •Use tabs to organize related items at the same peer level •Apply the tab metaphor thoroughly and consistently •Confine tabs to one row Navigational elements Hypertext and hyperlinks Term used by Ted Nelson
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Navigation notes - NAVIGATION in interface design...

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