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Unformatted text preview: What is HCI? LECTURE NOTES Dr. La Verne Abe Harris Human Computer Interface Objectives •What is HCI? •When the user has to think •Interactivity •Designing for HCI What is HCI? •E-Commerce •Information •Education •Training •Entertainment EX: Homestarrunner.com •Communication When the User Has to Think … (1)What is this about? (2)Where am I? (3)Where do I begin? (4)Where did they put …? (5)What is really important here? (6)What does that mean? (7)Why did they call it that? This is logical… (1)gathering information (2)identifying possible solutions (3)select the best option •Scan the interface for anything interesting •Don’t read or look at everything on the interface [What is exception to this?] •Find the most interesting button. •If it doesn’t work out, click the back button (if it is a website) But users do not make the optimal choice in human-computer interface. Users “satisfice.” •They use the first reasonable option, not always the best one. WHY? •They are in a hurry •Consequences are low •Comparing alternatives does not work on poorly designed interfaces. •Users are lazy or efficient. [You decide.] Guessing is less work. •Most interfaces have excessive information that is irrelevant to user •Users want SPECIFIC information and want to retrieve it FAST •Users have gotten into the habit of scanning NO! WHY? • They spend little or no time spent reading instructions • Users are creatures of habit -- They find something that works and they stick to it • Lack of understanding or fear of technology -- Luddites • Lack of understanding of how things work on the Internet and in multimedia technology -- Ex: Is Yahoo or Google the Internet? •Interactivity is @ the heart of HCI –The user selects the content –The user has control of what he/she wants to view –Do not make the user have to think! •Nonlinear structure of is based on association –Not on a fixed order •Hierarchy of information is arranged to fit a need –Most important information is on the top •Linear: A > B > C –Problem: Linear, one-sided, 1-step –Problem: Communication is passive •Non-linear: A>C>B>E –Communication is a process of user-directed choices, enabling a review of information and ability to select specific information –Problem: User may go off on a tangent •Links –Internal links •Connect pages within a website –External links •Connect pages from different websites •Anchors –Allow the user to quickly jump throughout the text Art vs. Engineering … -- finding some balance Goal for HCI -- The main goal of most HCI projects should be to make it easy for customers to perform useful tasks, find the information they are looking for, etc. -- Build trust with users through professionally-designed HCI Computer Wizards of Evergreen, vs. Best Buy Trust: Users need to feel that they can trust the technology Real social relationships vs. relationship w/technology •The attempt to reconstruct this bond by personalization (ex: cookies) and through anticipating common human behavior ...
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