508 Designing for Accessibility

508 Designing for Accessibility - Designing for...

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Designing for Accessibility Exceptions to accessibility •It may not be necessary for experimental, highly visual sites to be up to accessibility standards. •However, any site which is used for informational , commercial , or government purposes should be accessible. •It’s the right thing to do. Just as wheelchair access for buildings is important, so to is web accessibility. •It makes good business sense . Approximately 43 million Americans have one or more disabilities (physical or mental), and this number is increasing as the population as a whole is growing older. What would you want to exclude potential customers? Legislation Section 508 (June 2001 - Rehabilitation Act) government , including websites, be accessible to people with disabilities (including employees and members of the public). Types of Visual Disabilities Disabled groups to consider: -Mentally Disabled -Paraplegic / Quadriplegic -Deaf - Visual disabilities -Blind -Low vision -Color-blind The Blind •Anyone who does not use a visual display at all. •Assistive Technologies: –Braille displays –Speech output/input •Screen Readers
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Screen Reader Software •Provides access to computer interfaces through: Braille displays Speech synthesized reading of controls, text, and icons. •Tab and arrow controls to move through menus, buttons, icons, text areas, and other parts of the graphic interface. Screen Reader Software •As the user navigates, the screen reader provides speech (audio) or non-speech (Braille) feedback to indicate the user's position –For example, when focus moves to a button, the user might hear (of feel) the words "button – Search” •Reads text and text equivalents such as “alt”, “title”, and “longdesc”. Screen Reader Software
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508 Designing for Accessibility - Designing for...

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