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TEST 2 3/10 Wednesday TEST 2 STUDY GUIDE Any commercial website should be 508 compliant, but it is not required. True or false Deuteranope is a type of yellow/blue color blindness. True or false Which tag will be read by a screen reader to explain an image? A: SRC B: HREF C: ALT D: TARGET Headers provides a way to convey document structure to a screen reader. True or false Screen Readers were originally designed to ignore Flash. True or false AutoRefreshing pages, such as a sports score update, can cause a screen reader to re-read useless information before reading the updates. True or false Appropriate Technology (AT)… a. means learning from the culture what their needs are (from the ground up), rather than assuming about any foreign culture’s needs. b. describes a way of providing for human needs with the least impact on the Earth's finite resources. c. is a way of evaluating a technology, a way of thinking about the social, economic, and environmental impacts of introducing a technology d. means balancing the benefits and harms of a technology to determine if it is appropriate. e. all of the above d. only b. and c. Issues to examine when determining if a technology is appropriate: 1.Is the technology built locally or use local materials? 2.Can it be built, or at least maintained, with a minimum of specialized training? 3.Is its use sustainable over many generations? 4.Does it cause suffering in its manufacturing or use, human or otherwise, disproportionate to its benefits?
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The PBS video about the children from India, highlighted the digital divide and what can happen when have-nots have access to technology. True or False The digital divide is the division between the information “haves” and “have-nots”. True or False There is digital equity in the world. True or False Cost and access are barriers to access in industrialized countries. True or False
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TEST 2 STUDY GUIDE Solution - TEST 2 3/10 Wednesday TEST 2...

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