IT 104 - Chapter 4

IT 104 - Chapter 4 - Chapter4 1.

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Chapter 4 1. Define the typical phases of product design development. A. Concept Development B. Product Planning C. Product/Process Engineering D. Pilot Product/Ramp-Up 2. Define Concurrent Engineering. 3. Describe the three types of CE teams. A. Program Management Team I. Who is going to manage (project managers). B. Technical Team I. Technical, electrical, mechanical C. Design-Build Team I. 4. What is the biggest time saving factor when using CE teams? A. Parallel activities and or simultaneous activities 5. What inter-functional teams are used simultaneously in “Designing for the  Customer”? A. Technical, Marketing, Engineering 6. (Take notes on House of Quality) A. Customer Requirement B. Engineering Requirements
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Characteristics. D. Correlation among Engineering Characteristics. 7.
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IT 104 - Chapter 4 - Chapter4 1.

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