Positive psychology focuses on many things

Positive psychology focuses on many things - Positive...

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Positive psychology focuses on many things; the biggest would have to be the happiness and fulfillment of one’s life. Positive psychology also focuses on a person’s strengths, and virtues. Positive psychology enhances a person’s life experiences within themselves. Positive psychology is to help an individual live a meaningful life. Positive psychology builds character and supports families, communities, and work places so that they can flourish. Positive psychology focuses on what is right with a person and how to cultivate it. Positive psychology does not focus on what is wrong with a person, or their illnesses. Positive psychology also focuses on the capacity to love, encourage, having compassion, understanding, and self-control. Positive psychology wants individuals to enable themselves to thrive in life, rather it be work, being a parent, or just everyday life.
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