Deserts Glaciers,and Climate

Deserts Glaciers,and Climate - Deserts, Glaciers, and...

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Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate 1 How the Climate Affects Deserts, and Glaciers By: Selina Appel SCI/245 Scott Rought February 10, 2010
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Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate 2 Deserts have a variety of landscape features to display. Weathering and erosion play a big part of many of these features and landforms; this produces such forms as plateaus, mesas, and buttes a function of rock structure. Some of these rocks have hardness’s and strengths depending on the weathering rate. Many have fantastic structures that tend to have angular features, due to the lack of rainfall, therefore minimal chemical weathering. Though rainfall is not a common feature of the deserts, flashfloods form temporary rivers, that carve scapes, and steep sided valley’s and gullies. Playas which are formed from flashfloods accumulate in shallow depressions in the desert floor. Playa lakes disappear usually very quickly, they leave behind sand, silt and dissolved minerals which may form salt flats, such as the Dead Sea in Israel, Jordan, and the Great Lakes in Utah. Commonly thought of as a typical desert are sand dunes, which have distinctive desert landscape features. These sand dunes only occupy a relatively small portion of the world’s deserts. Some of the larger features have a structure that can be interpreted to indicate predominant wind direction. Sand and silt that are deposited by wind is termed as loess. Sand seas or ergs are known as great expansions of dunes, in which some deserts have. The process by which wind carries sediment, abrade and erode other rock and sediment structures, producing more sediment; which is the process of abrasion, and deflation or depositional environment. The wind can continue to deposit or erode other landforms; it can be
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Deserts Glaciers,and Climate - Deserts, Glaciers, and...

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