Sedimentary Rocks - Sedimentary Rocks 1 Sedimentary Rocks...

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Sedimentary Rocks 1
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Sedimentary Rocks 2 Sedimentary rocks are one of the most common rock types on the Earth’s surface, and the most widespread across the globe. What are sedimentary rocks, and how are they formed? Sedimentary rocks are formed from pre- existing rocks or pieces of once living organisms. Sedimentary rocks are formed from deposits that have accumulated on Earth’s surface. These rocks often have distinctive layering or bedding. The exogenic weathering process and erosion create raw materials for rocks. When Earth’s materials are loosened they move from higher to lower elevations, wind, water, ice, and gravity move, transport, and deposit these smaller pieces of rock that have broken off bigger rocks. Streams and rivers transport these sedimentary rocks to lakes, or oceans, or deposit it to nearby floodplains where it accumulates there as well. There are three types of rock groups, clastic, biologic, chemical. Clastic Sedimentary Rocks What is a clastic sedimentary rock? Particles of pre – existing rock and minerals make up clastic rock. These particles may have originally been from igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, or even other sedimentary rocks. Clastic rocks deposited under the influence of some type of current (flowing water, waves, winds, or moving ice), therefore particle size is a reflection of the amount of energy that transported the sediments to the place of deposition and tells us something about how the rock was formed. Pieces of rock loosened by the weathering, and then transported to a basin or a depression; where sediment is trapped. It becomes compacted and cemented, if it
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Sedimentary Rocks - Sedimentary Rocks 1 Sedimentary Rocks...

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