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Corruption in Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement Deviance 1...

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Law Enforcement Deviance 1 Corruption in Law Enforcement Selina Appel ADJ/235 Yolanda White Johnson November 1, 2009
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Law Enforcement Deviance 2 The police code of ethics, what does it mean, and what is it? The law enforcement officer’s fundamental duty is to serve the community; to safeguard our lives and to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence and disorder. Law enforcement agents are to respect the constitutional rights of liberty, equality, and justice for all. They are to behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to himself or herself or the agency. They are not to permit personal feelings, prejudices’, political beliefs, religion, aspirations, animosities, or friendships to influence their decisions. They are responsible for their standard of professional performance, and the lives of others. A few professions demand so much moral fiber as policing. Police stand in “harms’ way” not so much against enemies with bullets, but against enemies skilled in every form of trickery, deceit, and feigned ignorance. We as citizens in a community are supposed to put our faith, and trust in their hands, to protect us against enemies. What happens when policing officers break that trust and faith, and betray us? What happens when they turn the tables for their own good, and abuse their power to harm innocent lives? An important topic to discuss is Police deviance. What is police deviance, some contend that deviance is something that reporters find newsworthy (Newburn 2003.) Deviance describes
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