Freedom of Religion - Civil Liberties 1 Freedom of Religion...

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Civil Liberties 1 Freedom of Religion The Establishment Clause Selina Appel Pos/110 Dorothy Logan October 29, 2009
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Civil Liberties 2 Religion for me is very important and near to my heart. However, there is so much controversy surrounding religion and government that I wanted to really look into the beginning of when the Establishment Clause created. The clauses intentions were originally made to served the common values of the framer. The Establishment Clause was invented to prohibit the federal government from declaring and financially supporting a national religion, such as existed in many other countries at that time of the nation’s founding. The problem is there is a very narrow interpretation and this is what I find so interesting. Was this clause established for some reason to keep government from supporting Christianity? When the Bill of Rights was created, the legislative began their day with prayer as well as supported funds for Indian missions. No wonder we have so much confusion today in the meaning of separation of church and state. The public policy that we once had was religion in our schools, which now has been taken out of public schools. In 1962, the court ruled that New York schools could no longer begin school with prayer because it violated the Establishment Clause. It was the case of (Engel vs. Vitale) a landmark case that put it all into motion. These lead to more controversy, such as prayer at graduation ceremonies, religious songs with the word God mentioned in them were banned from schools. This was created to keep the government neutral when it came to religion, so that they would not favor either for or against prayer/religion. As for my own views I do not support the separation of church and state. I can understand
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Freedom of Religion - Civil Liberties 1 Freedom of Religion...

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