Sci 241- week 4 Checkpoint - question is do they really...

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Amino Acids and Athletes Sci-241 Chad Sicher March 12, 2010
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This article explains how people who are in extreme sport and strength training like athletes, have a high diet in proteins along with why they use amino acids. This article also explains why the athletes benefit from taking amino acids and having a high protein diet. When an individual works on building his or her muscles, he or she often increases the amount of protein and amino acids in the diet. This increase helps to offset the significant amount of amino acids that are oxidized during power workouts. Many athletes increase their amino acids through supplements such as pills and shakes. According to Tipton and Wolfe (2004) the business of selling amino and protein supplements has turned in a billion dollar industry. With this being a billion dollar industry means the athletes that are purchasing either amino acids or protein are hoping they increase muscle mass. According to the article that I have read these two different supplements help to increase muscle mass. The
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Unformatted text preview: question is do they really work, and is it necessary for athletes take. According to the two authors, Tipton and Wolfe (2004), they do not seem to think it is necessary for athletes to take. Increasing amino acids and protein is not necessary in a lot of individuals. The individuals that might need to increase nutrients are the one that are in power lifting or any kind of sports. After reading this article I realized a normal person can cause harm to themselves by having high levels of protein and amino acids. I also learned Amino acids are replenished rapidly enough to maintain body mass. Individuals who follow extreme work outs will benefit from adding amino acids and proteins as their bodies need the increase to not only maintain, but build muscle tissue. Reference: Tipton, Kevin D., & Wolfe, Robert R. (2004). Protein and amino acids for athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 22 (1), 65-80. Retrieved March 10, 2010, from Gale Power Search database....
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Sci 241- week 4 Checkpoint - question is do they really...

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