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“Common Sense” was the pamphlet written by Thomas Paine which was published in 1776 in which he talks about why there is need for American independence and argues for self governed nation. Paine uses the basic format of proposal and even after so many years, this piece of writing remains of the best written articles in the history of United States. Paine used the common language of the people which helped him prove his point more effectively. Paine begins his argument with the basic and theoretical reflections about the British Government and then explains more about the specifics of colonial situation. He then gives various evidences which were easily interpretive and understandable by the common American. Firstly, he gives the difference between the society and the government. While proving his point and giving evidences, he uses several biblical references. Paine launches a direct attack on British Empire stating that its system is too complex and unfair for the entire continent of North America.
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