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customer_report - COLUMN c_city HEADING'City FORMAT A12...

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-- EXTRA EXAMPLE TTITLE CENTER 'Clearwater Traders' SKIP 1 - CENTER '******************' SKIP 2 - LEFT 'Customer Report' L BTITLE CENTER '* * * Confidential * * *' B SET LINESIZE 100 SET PAGESIZE 25 S COLUMN c_id HEADING 'ID' FORMAT 999 COLUMN c_last HEADING 'Last Name' FORMAT A10 COLUMN c_first HEADING 'First Name' FORMAT A10 COLUMN c_mi HEADING 'MI' FORMAT A2 COLUMN c_address HEADING 'Address' FORMAT A18
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Unformatted text preview: COLUMN c_city HEADING 'City' FORMAT A12 COLUMN c_state HEADING 'St' COLUMN c_zip HEADING 'Zip' FORMAT A5 COLUMN c_dphone HEADING 'Day Phone' FORMAT A12 COLUMN c_ephone HEADING 'Eve. Phone' FORMAT A12 C SELECT c_id,c_last, c_first, c_mi, c_address, c_city, c_state, c_zip, c_dphone, c_ephone FROM customer;...
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