PHY 108 Syllabus

PHY 108 Syllabus - PHY 108 Course Information GENERAL PHYSICS II Spring 2010 Instructors and Hours Course Section Instructor Lecture Hours Lecture

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PHY 108 GENERAL PHYSICS II Spring 2010 Course Information Instructors and Hours Course Section: PHY 108 MAR Instructor: Dr. Andrea Markelz Lecture Hours: M,W,F: 9:00 - 9:50 AM Lecture Room: 215 NSC Office Hours: Wed 4:30-5:30 PM Fri: 4:30-5:30 PM Office: 130 Fronczak Telephone: 645-2017 ext. 124 e-mail: [email protected] Course Section: PHY 108 MFC Instructor: Dr. Gersh Berim Lecture Hours: Tu, Th: 6:25 - 7:45 PM Lecture Room: 205 NSC Office Hours: TBA Office: 332 Jarvis Telephone: 645-1210 e-mail: [email protected] Course homepage: . T.A. office hours will be announced and posted during the second week of classes. You are encouraged to seek help from any lecture instructor or T.A. during his or her scheduled office hours. Required Course Materials All students should at minimum have WileyPlus registration for this course and the iclicker. WileyPLUS registration for this course gives students online access to the textbook. Hardcopy book, WileyPLUS and the iclicker bundle can be purchased at the bookstore: Halliday, 8e Vol 2 with WileyPLUS with iClicker set ISBN: 978-0-470-56686-2 Students may also obtain required materials separately:
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· Halliday, 8e Vol 2 ISBN: 978-0-470-89537-5 · WileyPLUS registration Code – ISBN: 978-0-470-12711-7 · iClicker – ISBN: 978-0-470-05675-2 (Note: if you already have an iclicker from another course you can use it in PHY108 as well. Check to see if your “clicker” is an iclicker. You may purchase the iclicker from any source) Grading Grades on this course will be based on your scores on two midterm exams, a comprehensive final exam, in-class quizzes and the homework assignments as follows: Highest midterm score: 25% Lowest midterm score: 15% Final exam score: 30% Homework score: 20% In Class quizzes: 10 % Letter grades will be assigned to your cumulative percentage numerical grade. To pass this course with a C grade or better you should aim for a cumulative numerical grade of better than 50%. Final grade distribution will depend on the performance of the class. Homework The homework in PHY 108 is computer based and uses the WileyPLUS system. This system is based on problems at the end of each chapter and is algorithmic; i.e. each student will get a different set of numbers for the same problem. The students must purchase the WileyPLUS package with the textbook or separately if you already have the textbook. The WileyPLUS
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PHY 108 Syllabus - PHY 108 Course Information GENERAL PHYSICS II Spring 2010 Instructors and Hours Course Section Instructor Lecture Hours Lecture

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