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BE_110_Final_Review - Eulerian strain tensor Infinitesimal...

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Unofficial Study Material These terms hit some of the main topics discussed in the course. Without referring to your notes, read each term and write out the definition (most of these will have mathematical definitions) or try to think of a problem/calculation that was done in class related to the term. -Neema Kronecker delta Summation convention Scalar Vector Tensor Orthogonal transformation tensor Force Free Body Diagram Stress Normal component Shear component(s) Cauchy’s formula Principal stress Pressure Stress deviator Maximum shear stress Lagrangian strain tensor
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Unformatted text preview: Eulerian strain tensor Infinitesimal strain tensor Displacement vector Principal strain Principal Directions Invariants (stress invariants, strain invariants) Rotation tensor (spin tensor) Rate of rotation tensor Rate of deformation tensor Dual vector Constitutive Equation Homogeneous Isotropic Incompressible Gradient Divergence Continuity Equation/Mass conservation equation Total derivative (material derivative) Navier-Stokes Equation Convective acceleration Transient acceleration Steady state Pressure gradient Viscosity (viscous force)...
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