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BE 110 An Introduction to Biomechanics Fall 2005 Homework Assignment #2 Due Tuesday 10/11/05, 8AM before class 1. Reading assignment : Review the analytical definition of scalar, vectors and tensors in form of orthogonal transformations (Section 2.6). Write down a vector you are familiar with that satisfies this definition. Next write down two examples of a vector or a tensor (one of them with biological or medical quantities) that does not satisfy the invariance requirement under an orthogonal transformation. 2. Practice Problems (a) Using a free body diagram determine the stresses in a closed cylindrical shell with wall thickness h and inner radius r I and with spherical caps. (see page 24 for the solution). (b) Prove the so-called epsilon-delta identity between the Kronecker symbol δ ij and the permutation symbol e ijk : e ijk e ist = δ js δ kt + δ jt δ ks 3. *Analysis Problem . Consider three distance vectors with the following components r
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