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BE_110_HW_3 - BE 110 Homework Assignment#3 1 Reading...

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BE 110 An Introduction to Biomechanics Fall 2005 Homework Assignment #3 Due Tuesday 10/18/05, 8AM before class 1. Reading assignment : 2. Practice Problems (a) Write three physical equations of your own choice in vector notation. Next write the same equations in index notation using the Einstein summation convention. Specify what are free indices and what are dummy indices. (b) Consider the stress on an artery, like the aorta. The mean blood pressure is about 100 mmHg. The diameter of the aorta is about 3 cm and the wall thickness about 4 mm. Consider a point on the endothelium (the inner lining of the aorta). Estimate the order of magnitude of the stress components on a plane parallel to the endothelial surface and perpendicular to the endothelial surface (normal to the long axis of the aorta). In the latter case does it make a difference if the surface is in the blood stream or in the wall of the artery? Explain. (c) Consider a “plane stress” situation in which all stress components on a plane perpendicular to z-axis are zero.
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