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BE 110 An Introduction to Biomechanics Fall 2005 Homework Assignment #4 Due Tuesday 10/25/05, 8AM before class 1. Reading assignment : Examine the equations of motion in Section 3.4 in terms of the stress tensor τ ij . Study both linear motion and rotations. 2. Practice Problems (a) Find the stress distribution of a rope with density ρ and length L hanging from the ceiling with a weight W at the bottom. Under what conditions would the stress distribution be uniform ? For a way to find the solution see problem 3.26. (b) Derive the atmospheric formula for the pressure in the air as an ideal gas. See Problem 3.27. (c) If the temperature is not uniform in the atmosphere but falls off in a known fashion towards the outer atmosphere, what will be the pressure distribution. (d) Consider a two-dimensional stress state without body forces, i.e. τ xx , τ xy and τ yy are non-zero all others are zero. Find a stress field (in the x-y plane) that is in equilibrium and one that is not in equilibrium. 3. *Analysis Problem
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