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Lecture 2 - Carbs(polysaccharides sugars Proteins amino...

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Functional groups Amine + carboxyl group = amino acid Ionized a certain way: NH2 NH3+ COOH COO- Bio is the interplay between covalent and noncovalent interactions: Molecule: covalent arrangement: elaborate non-covalent behavior Cell: collection of bio-molecules: cellular function and interactions Atoms functional groups 3D shape function 4 types of macros
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Unformatted text preview: Carbs (polysaccharides) : sugars Proteins: amino acids Lipids (fats, phospholipids): fatty acids and glycerol Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA): nucleotides Hydrolysis – adding water Cellulose – alternate bonding structures: alpha and beta (above) Starch – only alpha bonds (below) Beta = structural support Be able to tell if proteins are polar or not...
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