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Lecture 3 - Quaternary structure more than 1 polypeptide...

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Glyciene and proleine Cysteine is both polar and nonpolar Glycine – smallest, space filler, introduces kinkiness and flexibility Praline – big and inflexible Cysteine – polar and nonpolar Primary structure: amino acid order Secondary structure: (alpha helix) coiling or (beta pleated) pleating, hydrogen bonds in backbone Tertiary structure: r group adjustments (polar/nonpolar) – disulfide (strong), van der waals forces
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Unformatted text preview: Quaternary structure: more than 1 polypeptide chain Sickle cell – read book explanation DNA – permanent blueprint for specifying proteins Makes up our genes, seen as chromosomes in the nucleus mRNA – messenger (temporary blueprint of information for specifying proteins) tRNA – transfer RNA rRNA – ribosomal RNA DNA RNA proteins C2 is missing OH in DNA C3...
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