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Unformatted text preview: Urbanization xxxxxxxxx SCI-275 Click to edit Master subtitle style December 1, 2009 Instructor: xxxxxxxxxx 3/26/10 Benefits {7B067B69-0376-4465-B4B1-10523218C054} {DE6CB1E2-5B9D-4F35-896D-D1203F458D5E} {C751BF1C-6F0E-48C8-A199-E11701CEB179} {F2D941CA-5768-4C75-9402-F57521A8F219} {3261682A-0B40-48B2-AF11-0439351FA843} {070BB321-D9F7-4EF2-A0B3-1103F715E34F} Compact development ruralLess polluti Preserves rural areas transportatio Living Public areas More jobs than conditions 3/26/10 Challenges of urbanization {D3DD4B43-09FD-4ED2-9704-FAEDCC9773B5} {6F7AFDDA-119A-471D-893C-ED9088CB2E39} {30B13A88-728B-40A8-AD27-C8499525EEAD} {12F233E4-BB44-4B73-971F-24CA9D6BAF7E} {24E9F33B-7DED-4F80-AED5-32AC342A9FFE} {7C6800F9-AC9E-4DE7-B5B5-085A79185EB7} {059156D7-2877-4E7C-9458-BB5DE0035758} Medical care Pollution/EnvironmentalCity services Poverty Employment Transportation Schools problems 3/26/10 The U.N. Conference on Human Services 3/26/10 Institutionalizing Community-Based Development 3/26/10 {B78DCF5C-57B3-4C1A-85D4-2E8BCE721463} {E8703538-F808-4051-9576-B723C52A8375} {1386CAA4-7AFC-4F7F-8E0E-CCB03E3F7957} {069CFC7A-83CD-4148-97FA-8AACBDDBFB9E} {7FA27C2B-9C8D-4AAE-9513-0877124B7E63} {2884E6B4-C63A-4BDA-8A87-9E134F56E947} ditions and provide sanitarya Health for housing Co vements to economic situation community degradati employment, poverty,Established Neighborhood a Build and operate Organizedenvironmental facilities and settings CDQ 3/26/10 The Bronx Center Project – “Don’t Move, Improve” 3/26/10 {3BE81B22-10FE-494D-A6E2-767B7F640D00} {858ABBB1-EF58-4AA2-B70F-5AD4D6B46DFC} {C0F657CD-B4DB-420A-B411-28F9171F590F} {EFC07FEF-D361-4AB9-9BF5-F2C419E430B5} {CF5A3633-A390-47AB-A276-888DB2F741D6} {E72D9491-FC48-42D7-B07F-84658317A034} {24D79D59-23A8-4409-8196-708D68FD8B2C} {C7BACC9C-6AFD-4ABC-9CB1-72A55E96B81E} {0A9E4F19-CC04-495D-AB45-208E38235AF7} ty-based and human new educational and cultural createConstruct new low and midd health participatory planning processsolving process newprograms and recreat xisting and develop servicesAtransportation and institutionsopen space plan Restore architecturally significant buildings A multi-discipline Improvefacilities jobs and job training problem Create 3/26/10 References MOST Clearing House. (n.d.). Institutionalizing CommunityBased Development. Retrieved December 3, 2009, from MOST Clearing House. (n.d.). The Bronx Center Project - "Don't Move, Improve". Retrieved December 3, 2009, from Unknown Author. (1996, June 5). TWELVE AWARDS PRESENTED FOR `BEST PRACTICES' BY SECRETARYGENERAL. Retrieved December 3, 2009, from 3/26/10 ...
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