Outline - Outline#1 Life Eight Characteristics of Living...

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Eight Characteristics of Living Organisms - 1. Cellular composition and hierarchial organization. (cells, tissues, organs, organ systems) 2. Interaction with one another and the environment. 3. Emergent properties (the characteristics of and organism result from its organization, not simply from the sum of its parts). 4. DNA as hereditary material, directing structure and function, which is passed on through reproduction. 5. Transformation of energy and maintenance of a steady state. 6. Form that fits function. 7. Diversity in type with unity in patterns among organisms. 8. Evolution of species. 3 Domains and 5 Kingdoms - Domains - bacteria, archaea, eukarya. Kingdoms - Protista, Animalia, Fungi, Plantae(plant), Monera Prokaryotes -no membrane Eukaryotes -membrane Natural selection - 1. Variation exists among the individual traits within a population. 2. These traits are passed on to offspring within the population. 3. Every generation produces more offspring than can survive. 4. Individuals who survive long enough to reproduce are those with the most favorable traits. Artificial selection leads to different breeds of the same species. Adaptive Radiation is when a population of a species changes as it occupies different habitats within a region. Reproductive fitness is the comparative ability of an organism to survive to reproductive age in a particular environment and to produce viable offspring, thereby passing on its genes. Outline #2: Scientific Method
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Outline - Outline#1 Life Eight Characteristics of Living...

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